Yoga & bathing in the forest

Bathing in the forest was initiated by the Japanese. Forest medicine is a recognized field of research for them. In Japanese it is called "Shinrin-Yoku". In Germany, research has also been carried out in this area.

"Shinrin- Yoku" means to immerse yourself in the quiet and lonely forest with all your senses. Slowly turn around your own axis and look at the forest, the trees from top to bottom very closely and perceive the atmosphere, the smells and the ground under your feet until you have reached your starting point.

This is a great exercise to relax and become aware of your own body.

Even short walks in the forest and this mindfulness exercise described above will do your soul/health good and let you relax from everyday stress.

On our property in Sweden you have enough forest and countless trees at your service. Try this mindfulness exercise and the conscious awareness of your body. Maybe it will help your psyche and you will like to build trips to the forest into your everyday life.

Yoga in the impressive nature on our property or on the terrace overlooking the forest is also a very special experience and provides inner peace and happiness.

It is also especially nice to go by boat to one of the beaches in the area and have a yoga session overlooking the lake.