Fishing in lake Foxen

Lake Foxen is a dream spot for fishing in Sweden. Perch and pike (often of capital size) are the most common predatory fish. However, in some places in the lake there are also zander. It is also possible to catch trout, char or salmon in Lake Foxen. Lake Foxen is the northern part of Lake Stora Le. Pike can be caught here by trolling or spinning. Our motorboats are equipped with fishing rod holders for trolling and an anchor for mooring in promising places. Due to the low fishing pressure and the untouched nature, a fishing experience of a special kind is possible here. This is also the reason for the large perch population with many capital perch, of which one can usually only dream of a lifetime in Germany. Perch of partly over 50cm are possible here. Meter pikes belong here already almost to the normality. But also specimens over 1.2m to 1.3m and above are well possible here. Trout and salmon can be fished especially in spring when the ice is just off the lake. Besides the enormous predatory fish potential that this lake offers, there are also a large number of white fish that can be fished for when float fishing. Another type of fishing for which the Foxen is suitable is fly fishing. Here, especially with streamers, perch and pike can be tempted to bite.

The fishing license can be bought online on the following website and can be carried on your cell phone (rules can be found at the link further below): Buy fishing license Foxen


Here you can find out about rules, closed seasons, minimum sizes and snap windows in the lake Foxen Deutsche Übersetzung Regeln

Recommendations for fishing spots: Promising fishing spots are the reed and water lily belts, perch mountains, underwater areas rich in structure and steeply rising or falling underwater edges. These can be found especially very well with an echo sounder and then fished.

Recommendations for baits: In the big Foxen we recommend especially muted lure colors like white, silver, black and blue. In the side branches of the Foxen also shocking colors like neon yellow and green work very well. Perch imitations also work very well on pike and perch. At the reed edges especially rubber frogs with hidden hooks are very catchy.

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The seasonal calendar serves only as a guide. Due to different weather conditions, the information in the Angel calendar can also easily shift forward or backward by one month. The ice in winter can occur, but does not have to. Fishing is and remains a natural sport.

No guarantee on our fishing calendar. Seasons and other rules must always be checked on the above mentioned website!